在演讲过程中, Mast will share new understandings of the theological premises for what Menno Simons called “true evangelical faith.”


Dr. 杰拉尔德·J. Mast将主持讨论会, 《门诺·西蒙斯对权力和行为的忏悔信仰的转变,下午4点.m. 11月星期五. 在Stutzman演讲厅.

Donations may also be left on doorsteps and porches to be collected; food items will be delivered to the Bluffton Community Assistance Corporation’s food pantry.


社会工作俱乐部的成员将参加一个“不给糖就捣蛋”的游戏." Students will go door to door asking for donations of shelf-stable and nonperishable food on Thursday, 10月. 26.

故事发生在1926年的美国中心地带, 著名的帕拉贡泉的“治愈之水”被神秘地下了毒.


The lure of capitalism and the greed of small-town-self-interest will be explored in the 买足球app推荐 Theatre presentation of "Paragon Springs" by Steven Dietz.

牧师. David Glick将对这一主题进行反思


牧师. David Glick将对这一主题进行反思 "Be Rooted" during fall 属灵生活周. 10月星期二. Glick将分享“我在大学里学到的东西”."



格蕾丝·阿尔布雷希特画廊将主办这次艺术展 "The Artistic Jungle Series" by Georgio Sabino III. Featured pieces blend painting, photography, graphic design and augmented reality.

Universal Choral will perform selections including “Gaelic Song of the Boatman” by Sine NicFhionnlaigh, 大卫·查尔兹的《别再哭泣》, 以及勃拉姆斯《德国安魂曲》中的“Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen”.


秋季合唱音乐会将于10月10日(星期日)举行. 2点30分.m. 在约德演奏厅,由约翰博士指导. 康伯英.

买足球app推荐’s fall instrumental concert featuring the Concert Band will be held on Sunday, 10月. 下午2:30.m.


音乐会乐队的秋季器乐音乐会将于10月10日举行. 下午2:30.m. 在博士的指导下. 罗伊沙发.


A 20% tuition discount on graduate programs is just one of the benefits provided by a new corporate partnership between Grob Systems, 公司.和买足球app推荐.


还有为足球加油, 排球队和游泳队, 海狸队将举办校友聚会, 快餐车, 海狸尾门和更多的返校和校友周末.



An artist reception for Kathleen Pahl and her exhibit "一条线是一个点" will be held Saturday, 10月. 21岁,在索德视觉艺术中心.

2024年春季前往捷克共和国的项目即将开始申请, 危地马拉, 肯塔基州, 俄亥俄河谷和华盛顿, D.C.


Students who participated in spring 2023 short-term cross-cultural experiences spoke during Forum.



对草原湿地的研究将由雅各布·布坎南分享, 德拉·穆恩先生被授予植物学和环境科学讲座, 十月期间. 2023年3月13日,周五学术讨论会报告.

2023 - 24日登记

买足球app推荐 enrollment for 2023-24 includes 205 new traditional undergraduate students (up from 172 a year ago) and 54 new graduate students (a 50 percent increase.)

罗宾Bowlus, vice president of advancement and enrollment management; Lyle Miller, Everence; Greg Liestman, Everence; Jane Wood, president; and Ed Basinger, Everence, 赠送礼物之后.


“John and Erma (Stutzman) wanted their generosity to extend beyond their lifetime and the financial gift from their estate will have the potential to create this type of legacy.”



简·伍德总统宣布了一项重大捐赠, explained how the state of each student directly impacts the state of the university and shared successes from the year.

大卫·A法官. 利马市法院的Rodabaugh主持了2023年宪法日论坛.


大卫·A法官. Rodabaugh, Lima Municipal Court, discussed the recent Supreme Court decision for 303 Creative LLC v. eleni. The case dealt with matters of free speech, nondiscrimination and LGBTQ-rights.

The university and community join in this traditional town-gown advent performance.


12月11日与买足球app推荐社区一起表演亨德尔的“弥赛亚”. 10. 高中及以上年龄的歌手被邀请加入合唱团. 每周的排演从10月10日开始. 3.

U.S. 新闻排行榜

"U.S. 新闻 & World Report" once again named 买足球app推荐 to the top tier of Midwest Regional Colleges. 这是买足球app推荐连续第26年上榜.

Charlene Coughlin, 市场营销专业,毕业于买足球app推荐, 探索广告对心理健康的影响.


买足球app推荐毕业的Charlene Coughlin说, 在论坛上就市场营销与心理健康的关系发言. If authentic, positive marketing is the right thing to do and good for business.

凯瑟琳·帕尔的作品将于9月11日展出. 25-10月. 22.


使用颜色, 有机形态与线条, Kathleen Pahl explores intersections of life and death and our relationship with the unknowable. 展览将于9月开始. 25.

迈克尔·贝利, 希瑟Koontz, and Laurel Neufeld Weaver answered questions on why mental health issues are on the rise and obstacles people face in managing their emotional wellness.


而不是在社交媒体上寻找诊断, the panelists encouraged audience members to seek help from a licensed mental health provider.

托马斯·E. 来自密苏里州堪萨斯城的商人、说书人兼导师“塔克”洛特.他分享了自己在买足球app推荐的经历.


Make positive choices and always get back up if you fall, "because falling happens.校友托马斯·E. “塔克”洛特在一年一度的开学典礼上给出了这样的建议.



托马斯·E. “塔克”洛特, 校友, 顾问, 讲故事的人, 投资人兼导师, will be the featured speaker as the class of 2027 is welcomed during Opening Convocation.

The first phase of this project will remove invasive plants near the entrance of the preserve.


Invasive shrubs are being removed at the 买足球app推荐 Nature Preserve to support biodiversity and provide resources for birds, 小型哺乳动物和昆虫.


杰夫范甘迪, 买足球app推荐英语名誉教授, 收到93美元,500美元的资助,作为一个作家在世界各地(非)居住.

在买足球app推荐, a dedicated admissions transfer coordinator works with each student individually throughout the application process.


Bluffton is one of the 208 colleges and universities selected to the 2023 Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society's 转学荣誉榜. 大学的排名是基于“转学友好度”的评级.



Colleges of Distinction recognized 买足球app推荐 for providing a high-quality undergraduate education that focuses on hands-on learning, 牢固的师生关系, 充满活力的校园生活和成功的成果.

 校友, 家人和朋友联手:杰西·威廉姆斯三世89年, 克莱顿·雅各布斯, 杰西·威廉姆斯四世和马修·雅各布斯在2022年打过高尔夫球.

前! 23年抢点盘

The 26th annual 校友 and Friends Golf Scramble to benefit Bluffton athletics, 定于星期六举行, 7月22日, 在买足球app推荐高尔夫俱乐部.

大学教职员工远从罗德岛来, 南卡罗来纳州和温尼伯, 加拿大, 聚在一起讨论职业.


Career center professionals gathered at Bluffton for the NetVUE (Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education) regional meeting to discuss ways to infuse vocational exploration into the curriculum.

尽管在网上上课, 2023 MBA graduates created community and gathered in-person following commencement.


MBA学费八折优惠, MAOM, MAEd, 垃圾 or Master of Dietetics degree is available to all alumni who earned an undergraduate degree at Bluffton.


以下是参与董事会的最佳实践, 校董会更改了章程, 减少委员和常务委员会人数. 即将退休的理事米奇·金斯利也获得了表彰.

The 买足球app推荐 Nature Preserve is home to 160 acres of woodland and grassland trails, 一个河流生态系统和一个小, 湖, 野生动物栖息地.


A $25,000 Cenovus grant will fund the removal of invasive plants from the 买足球app推荐 Nature Preserve. 这项工作将使本地植物茁壮成长.

More than 200 students make their way to Sommer Center for their Commencement ceremony.


在一个美丽的周六早晨,200多名学生获得了学位. Commencement speaker Kathy (Gaines '78) Carr encouraged them to "Have faith in how far you can go."

学院获得2023年夏季买足球app推荐研究中心资助, 提供2美元,000美元和高达300美元的研究相关费用.


教员们最近在一年一度的院长招待会上得到了表彰, an academic year-end event honoring faculty who have been awarded grants and other scholarly endeavors.

C. Henry Smith Scholars were among the students recognized at the Academic Awards Forum.


Student scholars were recognized at the annual Academic Awards and 荣誉 Forum.